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Access the dedicated section and identify the opportunity that’s right for you. If you don’t find a position that’s right for you, or you’re a recent graduate, send a spontaneous application using the form to fill out or via LinkedIn.

First contact

If you have passed the CV screening stage, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will contact you to further investigate your application and an interview will be arranged.

First interview

During this step, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and explore aspects of your CV with our Talent Acquisition team.

Technical interview

Once you have passed the first interview, you will move on to the next step, the technical interview, which will allow us to understand if your skills are suitable for the role you wish to have. There may be more than one technical interview to deepen your experience and to allow a direct discussion with our managers.


Once all the assessment steps have been passed, an entry proposal will be formulated which, if accepted, will allow you to start your adventure with Progesi.

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