At the service of the most important industries in the ATC & Large Systems sectors

Progesi creates OSS/BSS components, Network Management Projects, Protocols and Mediation devices.

It offers complete renewal services of hardware and software ICT infrastructures, adaptation and enhancement of the application and provision of specialist services to support the development and commissioning phases of the created system, as well as the subsequent technical-system management, including hardware maintenance and software.

In the field of plant supervision and control, Progesi provides various “turnkey” systems dedicated to distribution networks for municipal companies, aqueducts, gas pipelines and other types of plants.


– Supervision of the branches

– Systems and network management

– Management of workstations

– Application assistance to users

– Specialist support services

– SPOC service management
(Single Point of Contact)

– Management of identification, authentication and authorization services

Air Traffic Control systems dedicated to the supervision and coordination of airline flights and airport traffic.

Civil air and large systems control

Progesi has entered into various agreements with the best Italian universities, in order to meet young talents and train them on the knowledge and technologies that are considered essential in the sectors in which our company operates.

This represents an important strong point not only for the research and development sector but in general for the entire company, which considers scientific and technological innovation an indispensable aspect of its own identity.

Progesi develops all the SW functions present in ATC systems and in particular:

– Surveillance data processing system

– Radar Track Handler

– Multi Radar Tracking System (including ARTAS interfaces)

– Data Fusion of Air Radar Data (PSR, SSR, MLAT and ADS-B Data with Surface radar data, SMGCS)

– Trajectory Prediction

– Flight data processor (Coflight System based on Corba Middleware)

– ATC Tools




– Air-Ground data exchange (Data Link)

– Interoperability function for civil and military missions

– Advanced operating display

– Fall Back and Disaster Recovery solutions

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