Vertical skills from design to integration of complex systems

In the context of command and control systems, Progesi is in charge of mission planning and management of logistical aspects.

Prosegi’s contribution to the development of the projects have made it possible to consolidate a vast and important professional background in specific application fields for Defence.

Integrated and innovative solutions in various domains

Technical and financial ability to combine effectiveness, innovation and sustainability.

Progesi provides the Italian Armed Forces with integrated solutions for the protection of the operational theatres from a joint force perspective, against active threats in all domains: terrestrial, air, naval, space and cyber.

It offers consolidated skills and Italian technologies created through PNRM, regional, national and community research projects.

In Italy and abroad, Progesi participates in the creation of command and control systems for land, avionics and naval applications, Mission Planning systems, middleware infrastructures, training simulators, validation processes for weapons and combat systems and applications for air traffic control.

It develops projects both directly for the Defence Administration and through national and international global contractors.


SMART – Military Simulator for Realistic Shooting Training

t is the only virtual range designed and produced in Italy for static and dynamic shooting training. It is made up of COTS equipment and based on the VBS3 environment, with efficient configuration, integration and use of weapons.

VPT – Virtual Procedural Training

Created with COTS devices, is aimed at training the personnel responsible for maintenance and the execution of operational procedures in a virtual environment.

Decision Dashboard

Management of complex systems for immediate and effective decision support thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

VPD – Vessel Protection Detachment

New generation training system to support operators in performing
protection tasks and landing and disembarking operations.

TPRMS – Tactical Personnel Recovery Mission Simulator

Comparable to a simulation classroom. TPRMS is the first European joint exercise platform for the recovery of mission personnel.

Solutions for logistical support in the sea, land, air, space and cyber fields

Progesi carries out projects in partnership with the main national and international players in the following sectors:

– Missile, naval (Combat Management System), land, operational and planning command and control

– Radar subsystems for civil and military use and surveillance and tracking systems (aeronautical, naval and land sectors, A-SMGCS)

– Facility management systems and document workflow for the technical-administrative management of infrastructures

– Basic communication infrastructures (MIDDLEWARE std CORBA, e.g. ACE/TAO) for Defence and Air Traffic Control projects

– Web based applications in the logistics sector and RT and H-RT application for command and control systems in the naval, land and avionics sectors

– Processing, cataloguing and distribution of data streams from satellite sensors (ground section) – Network management support

– Network management support

Alongside the main market players

Over the years, Progesi has also developed excellent skills in the following macro-activities

– Analysis and study of command and control systems

– Design and development of command and control software systems/subsystems

– Acquire tactical/environmental data from sensors

– Tracking and reporting of the aerial and tactical data

– Tactical and surveillance console

– Management of inertial navigation systems

– Analysis tool for systems integration and environmental simulators of radars, launchers and uplinks

– Multi-platform middleware infrastructures

– Drivers and communication protocols

– Design and development of SW/DSP components for signal processing (SP/SH) in various primary and secondary radar programs.

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