Public Administration & HEALTH

Digital technologies and processes for the development of the country’s key sectors

It supports the evolution of processes and services to help design
the public service of the future.

It operates in areas such as Agriculture, Environment and Territory, Justice, Healthcare and Infrastructure while offering tools to govern the change.

A complete and tailor-made journey

Progesi combines in-depth knowledge of key processes with the design experiences gained in the while working for the Public Administration, enabling the intelligent integration of systems with advanced and secure solutions.

It explores how technological innovations can represent an opportunity for the improvement of services, keeping up with new ecosystems that are capable of creating valuable connections to develop new ideas.

Focused on the main drivers of change, Progesi manages the transformation of processes following a logic of performance sustainability while having an integrated vision of its main variables: people, processes and technologies.

It supports the design, optimization, implementation and control of Operations, their monitoring and correct functioning, in order to evolve towards a “customer- centric” and “user- centric” model.


Complete and integrated offer

Innovation in Public Administration is a necessary process to encourage and support ongoing change, to allow the system to become more competitive, efficient and capable of generating citizen satisfaction.

Progesi supports the Public Administration in achieving its objectives in a solid and lasting way, while successfully overcoming the challenges imposed by a globalised, complex and constantly evolving context.

Progesi provides the Public Administration with services, solutions and products to activate new operating methods, structured and linear workflows, better guarantees of data stability and security, and higher levels of satisfaction for citizens and companies.

It offers consultancy, development and management services for large projects.
Progesi makes use of excellent technological skills and uses the experience it has gained in the various sectors in which it operates.


Digital Transformation

The acquisition of large projects sees Progesi involved in a temporary grouping of companies together with the largest companies in the sector, to which it offers its wealth of knowledge, especially in the field of services.

For the healthcare market, Progesi develops a complete and integrated package, which covers all the functional areas of healthcare facilities and combines management consultancy with technological consultancy, along the entire Digital Transformation journey.

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